Curved to your specification

Our exceptionally skilled craftsmen can produce your curved door to the specification you desire   


Woodparts are the main supplier in Ireland and the UK for made to measure bespoke curved cabinet doors in both ‘Lay-On’ and ‘In-Frame’ versions. All doors are made with either flat or curved stiles and we have jigs available for most required radii. All our curved doors are made with glued laminations to form the curved part of the door. Laminations are the best way to form curved doors as once the curve is formed it remains very stable afterwards. We always manufacture the curved rails from the same material as the door stiles, so colour matching is never a problem. Generally, in a standard door at 21mm in thickness, there are 10 laminations in the curved rails.

We can manufacture doors at any thickness from 18mm to 30mm, in any width stile required, in any radius to suit most curvatures and with a range of internal profiles. Convex and concave curves as well as ‘S’ shaped curves are all possible and we use scaled cad drawings to show the finished doors before we make them. Please email us to get a detailed quotation regarding your requirements, tell us how many doors you require, the radius of the doors, the profile and type of timber you want your doors in, and the dimensions of the rails and stiles. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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Feel free to view or download a copy of our 2019 Brochure showcasing our product range.