We manufacture curved kitchen doors in standard and bespoke sizes, in both ‘inframe’ and ‘lay on’ types, and in both convex and concave curves.

Our standard range of doors, are manufactured from European Oak and European Beech. We also manufacture doors in other hardwoods such as walnut, Ash and Mahogany. We also manufacture curved slab type mdf doors from layers of mdf in any curvature depending on order quantity. All our doors are supplied unfinished except in the case of slab mdf doors which can be supplied unfinished or primed and sanded.


Our curved doors are manufactured to the industry standard range of curves. For example a curved door for a 300 x 300 carcass is made with a radius of 190mm. The curved rails of our doors are made from lamination’s cut from the same lumber as the door stiles; this gives consistency to colour and grain matching in the doors. As the curved rails are laminated, they will remain the most stable of any curved door on the market. We also profile sand the rails to the exact radius, so all our doors are consistently the same shape. We manufacture most of our doors from European Oak and Beech, and we bring this timber directly from the mills to our factory, this guarantees us consistency in quality, type of grain and consistent moisture readings. We supply our doors unfinished.

We also manufacture curved mdf slab type doors and these are also made to the standard range of curves on the market. These doors are normally finished at 22mm in thickness and can be supplied unfinished or primed and sanded. We can manufacture bespoke sizes in these doors to any curve depending on order quantity. Our prices on these doors are very competitive.

We regularly ship our doors throughout the UK and Ireland by pallet and can deliver in quantities from 1 door to 100 doors or more. Our curved doors are very competitively priced in that we can supply a single shaker Oak door with a veneered flat panel, unfinished from € 96.00 excluding vat. We can match the profile on our curved doors to any other profile, and still deliver the doors at the same price as our shaker doors, however in this case tooling charges will apply. We give discounts to customers for large quantity orders.

Please email us to get a detailed quotation regarding your requirements, tell us how many doors you require, the radius of the doors, the profile and type of timber you want your doors in, and the dimensions of the rails and stiles. We will reply back to you as soon as possible.

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