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About Us

Our company ‘Woodparts’ are a manufacturing company. We specialize in the
manufacture of a wide range of wooden components, including curved kitchen doors, for the kitchen Industry. We are based in County Laois in the midlands of Ireland.

The components we manufacture range from Curved Doors, to Pilasters, to Dovetailed Drawers, to Plinths, to Spice Racks, to cornices and pelmets. We also manufacture other wooden components specific to some companies, so if your company requires something different, please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements. We are experts at manufacturing bespoke kitchen products. Our Dovetailed drawers can be made in any hardwood, but our most common types are in European steamed Beech and European oak. Our pilasters can be made in any timber, size and style. We manufacture plinths, cornices and pelmets to suit any curvature required.

What we do

We manufacture components for kitchen and bedroom companies. Our products include bespoke Door Frame Sets, Curved Door Frame Sets, Pilasters, Dovetailed Drawers, Spice Racks, Cutlery Inserts and Curved Plinths, Cornices and Pelmets.

Our Brochure

Feel free to View or download a copy of our pdf brochure outlining some of our product range: 

What Woodparts can offer you

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