Dovetailed Drawers

Drawer and Insert

Our Dovetailed drawers are manufactured with dovetails on all four corners. The drawer sides, front & back are slotted to allow the drawer bottom to fit into the drawer at a height of 13mm from the bottom to accommodate the use of undermounted runners. Our drawers are usually made in Oak or Walnut, but they can also be ordered in other available hardwoods. The drawer bottoms are from matching veneered board finished at 9mm in thickness. The drawers are supplied either finished in a clear lacquer or unfinished but completely sanded.

All our drawers are made to order so all drawer widths can be accommodated, drawer heights range from 55mm to 380mm in steps of 25mm. Drawer depths are made to suit all available runners. The drawers can be supplied notched to suit the type of drawer runner used, and the notching can be on the back of the drawer only, or both the back and the front of the drawer, to suit all customer requirements. The drawers can also be ordered with dropped fronts, shaped sides, handle cut-outs, and inscriptions. Dropped fronts are used to conceal the drawer runners from the front when additional fronts are not being used. Dropped fronts would usually be used in internal locations such as Larder Presses. Drawers with dropped fronts have the fronts of the drawers 20mm lower than the rest of the drawer. Drawers with shaped sides have the sides shaped so that the front of the drawer is usually 100mm lower than the height of the back of the drawer. These drawers are often used in larder presses and bedrooms. Handle cut-outs are usually 100mm wide x 30mm deep in the shape of a half circle. Bespoke handle cut-outs can also be ordered on the drawers. Inscriptions can also be ordered on the fronts of the drawers such as ‘Bread’ & ‘Cakes’ and company logos can be engraved on the drawer sides. Cutlery, Utensil and Pegboard inserts are also made to order for any size of drawer, these can also be supplied in a clear lacquer finish or supplied unfinished but sanded.

Feel free to view or download a copy of our 2019 Brochure showcasing our product range. 

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